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Silent Hill

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  • Silent Hill Nurse

    Happy Halloween!

              Hand carved a Silent Hill Nurse into my pumpkin. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!!!! Photography by: Alexandra Green

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    Anime Conji 2014

    What a trasnformation! This was my 2nd time attending Anime Conji I have to say it was a huge improvement in comparison to last year. GOOD JOB STAFF PEOPLE!   PROS: – Location easy to navigate, everything and everyone was not as spread out as the previous …

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  • Naruto Group

    Anime Los Angeles 2014

      Coming from the sleepless gambling city of Las Vegas into the lively world of cosplay in Los Angeles was an interesting experience I can’t forget. ALA is a smaller con than what I am used to, but none the less it was full of …

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  • Aja Doll

    Let My Presence Be Known!

    Welcome to my website for it has finally launched, YATTAAAA! This is where I will post everything relevant to my cosplay on a personal level.  Check out my site regularly to see my projects currently in progress and completed handmade art. I also plan on …

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